April 2019 General Tarot Reading

Hi Everyone! Can you believe it’s spring already? At times the winter seemed long, but already we’re four months into the year. I hope 2019 has been a good year for you. Although there’s a lot of change happening, it’s for a good reason and will bring us all sorts of unexpected gifts! Let’s get on with the reading for April 2019.

This month four cards wanted to come out of the deck (the last two rather jumped out unexpectedly) so that’s what we’re going with. The first card is the Five of Earth. Fives represent change, and we’ll be seeing a lot of change related cards for most of this year, since 2019 is going to be full of both massive and small changes. Being an earth card, this change is going to relate to earthly, tangible matters, such as money, home, and possessions. Some of you may have fears regarding money, whether that be because of a job loss, overspending, divorce, or some other change in your finances. Or you may be turning a corner in a situation or be “in between” things - something has finished or ended but the next hasn’t yet begun or been determined, and this uncertainty as to how to proceed is giving you anxiety. Don’t get stuck in the fear; focus on the reality of the situation and determine what steps you can take to improve things. Be practical and focus on taking action - this will both alleviate the fear and bring you closer to where you want to be.

The next card is the Eight of Water. You are leaving something behind or have the desire to do so. This is something with which you have an emotional connection. You yearn for something better or more meaningful that will bring you fulfillment. Take the lessons you learned from the situation and apply them to your new and improved future. There may be a tinge of sadness over what you are leaving behind, but your readiness for change and the anticipation you feel will far exceed any low spirits.

The third card is The Chariot. You are moving forward at great speed towards something better and more balanced. Notice the horses on the card - one is black and the other is white, representing balance or ying and yang. You are excited about this new future and are rushing towards it quickly, yet you remain level-headed at the same time.

The final card for April is The Star. What a beautiful way to end the month! You are heading in the right direction, following your star as it lights the way towards something happier and more satisfying for you. You may not have quite reached your goal yet, but you see it on the horizon, and it’s well on its way. This new future will be emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. It will be easy to maintain an abundant and positive outlook. Good things are coming your way, so get ready!

To summarize, the first part of April will involve change, some of it uncomfortable, and rethinking how you want to proceed in the midst of the uncertain. You will be leaving a situation in order to move towards something more aligned with the current version of you. As the month goes on and you decide upon your new direction, the excitement will build and you’ll be ready to quickly implement your plan while maintaining a practical and commonsense approach. And as April draws to a close, although you may not have completely arrived at your new destination, you will see it drawing closer and be rejoicing about how protected and guided you are in the world.

Are you excited? I know I am! Wishing everyone a fabulous first full month of spring, and I hope you come back to check out the May 2019 tarot reading. Take care!

How’s Your Year Going? Pick a Card!

I thought I’d try something a bit different: get quiet for a moment and pick a number between one and three. Whichever number springs to your mind first or feels right is the perfect number for you. Then continue reading and see which card I pulled for your number and what the message is for you. Hopefully it’ll give you some extra insight into your year and help make the rest of 2019 even better!

Card #1: Exercise Is Key
Oh no, you selected the dreaded exercise card! Actually, exercise doesn’t have to be miserable, and can even be fun, as long as you’re doing something you enjoy. Do you like the outdoors? Take a walk outside in your neighborhood or at a park, go hiking, or do some gardening. How about dancing? Turn on your favorite music and jiggle your booty. Are you metaphysically minded, which many of you reading likely are? Try some easy yoga poses, and you can even do yoga in your chair without having to stand up.  Whatever you do, it doesn’t have to be some massive endeavour lasting for hours at a time or require a gym membership or the right equipment - just get moving. It may feel awkward at first if you’re not used to it, but the more you move the more you’ll enjoy it. Moving your body will actually give you more energy and feel good. If you were one of the many who made a New Year’s resolution to start exercising and it didn’t happen, you don’t have to wait until next January to begin. If you’re serious about making a change in your life, today is the best day to start. Begin ridiculously small, say two minutes of movement. You can keep going if you want, but you don’t have to. Just do something, and each time you do it’ll get easier. And remember, have fun!

Card #2: Workshops and Seminars
This can be taken literally, as in maybe there’s a class you’ve been wanting to take but keep putting it off because you’re too busy binge-watching Netflix. Or taken in a broader sense, there’s something you want to learn, or dare I say, need to learn. Whatever the case may be, don’t procrastinate any longer. Spring is nearly here (I’m writing this a few days prior) and what better time to start something fresh and new. Learning expands your mind and keeps you youthful and alert. Sign up for that class, check out some books from the library, watch YouTube videos on your topic of interest, or search Google. We have so much easy access to information these days. Choose one (or more) that suits your style and improve your knowledge base and your life!

Card #3: Admit The Truth To Yourself, And Act Accordingly
Okay, when I first pulled this card I thought, “Man, this sounds heavy.” And for some of you it may be, but it’ll be alright. Sometimes there are things in life we just don’t want to deal with or face. It happens. We have a disagreement with a close friend or partner, experience a job loss, or realize we have a habit or trait that’s less than pleasing. Ignoring it may seem like the easy solution in the short-term, but in the long run it only hurts us. Be the courageous person I know you are, look the situation straight in the eyes, laugh because you know it’s not as bad as it seems (it rarely is), and do whatever it is you need to do to move forward gracefully. This is an Archangel Michael card - ask for his help and he will lend you his warrior courage to help you get through. Visualize his giant wings behind you, protecting you from harm. Ask for whatever help you need - from God, family and friends, anyone you trust. Anyone with your best interests at heart will be happy to help you improve your life. Living your life truthfully and honestly is freeing, even if it may be hard at times, but the benefits are worth it. Don’t hide in shame or regret, anger or sadness. Be a phoenix and rise proud and strong, and leave the ashes behind you; they make great fertilizer for something new to grow.

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March 2019 General Tarot Reading

Hi Everyone, welcome back! If this is your first time visiting, thank you and welcome :) This is a general reading for March 2019. I pulled three tarot cards for the month: the King of Fire, The Dreamer, and the Knight of Water. There is a lot of masculine energy in March. This means that either a male figure will be prominent in your life during this time, or your masculine side, which each of us has, will be taking the forefront.

We start the month off strong and full of energy with the King of Fire. This card represents the astrological sign of Aries, which coincidentally we will be entering in the second half of March, along with springtime. It is a fiery, passionate energy that brings zeal and action to everything it does. When unbalanced, it can be angry, impatient, and extreme, but when in alignment it brings fun and excitement to every activity. For those of you who are fans of spring cleaning, you will feel motivated to get your home and life in order. What better way to welcome spring than with a clean, fresh start and lots of energy!

The second card is The Dreamer. This card was also pulled in the 2019 year ahead forecast to represent the month of February. The theme of new beginnings is going to carry over into March. Something that perhaps began in February or the seeds were planted then will fully blossom this month, right in time for spring. This card has turned up quite a bit in many readings recently and signifies a significant new beginning. You may be starting a new job, relationship, hobby, or moving house. I sense that 2019 will be full of new beginnings for each of us, in one or more areas of our lives.

The third card, the Knight of Water, is an emotional energy and a bit inclined to be impulsive. Don’t let your feelings carry you away. It’s important to acknowledge and understand your feelings, but don’t allow them to take over and propel you to an action that isn’t in your best interest. Notice what your feelings are telling you and find constructive ways to resolve anything that’s bothering you. This card can also represent receiving a message having to do with a relationship or your emotions. A person may be letting you know how they feel about you, or you may receive an intuitive feeling about a situation. However this applies to you, be open to hearing the message.

To sum things up, in March you will be feeling energized and ready to welcome the change of seasons. Make the most of this extra energy by getting things accomplished and sorted during this time. You might be on the brink of a brand new beginning or chapter in your life. Take time, if you need it, to mourn or release the ending that has led to this new beginning, but this new start is so much more exciting and positive that you will quickly adjust and embrace it. Whatever feelings come up during this time, do not act impulsively. Take time to sit with your emotions and respond in a responsible way. Proceed calmly and you’ll be glad you did.

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Why Everything I Own Fits In My Car

While I don’t live in my car (although the whole living out of your car and van dwelling concepts greatly intrigue me), I can easily fit everything I own in the backseat of my Honda Fit. And I didn’t buy my Fit with that “fit” in mind - bad joke, I know. I’ve moved twice since January 2018, and both times everything I owned only took up space in my back seat, none of the trunk needed. When I moved recently this past December, coworkers were shocked and astonished that I wasn’t hiring a moving company or renting a U-Haul since I was working a full day on a Thursday in Virginia and then driving to upstate New York the very next morning. Why, you may ask, do I live this way? Why don’t I have more stuff? It’s something that has evolved over the years for a variety of reasons, which I’ll explain.

I’ll give you a brief history of how it started before moving on to my current situation. I began reading about frugality and simple living back in the mid-1990s, when the seeds of my current lifestyle were first planted. I really admired what I read but wasn’t quite ready to implement a downsized life at that time. Back then, aside from hobby items, I didn’t have huge amounts of stuff compared to your average person, though I did have two or three bookcases worth of books and all sorts of needlework and crafting supplies that took up a fair amount of space. Over time, having gone through a divorce and several moves and new jobs, I started to reconsider what was really important to me.

Once my life began to settle and I had a stable job, I did what all responsible adults are supposed to do - I bought a house. It was a reasonable size, under 1,300 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was quite nice, but I had way more space than I needed as a single person with no kids. Plus I had at least a 30 minute commute to work (which could easily be longer depending on traffic), and most of my friends lived near my workplace, so there was a certain amount of isolation I felt.

As time went on my commute was getting worse and worse, and I realized I didn’t need a three bedroom home for just me, as I rarely had visitors. Also, the idea of retiring early became very appealing, and I was looking for ways to save more money. So I decided to get extreme and see just how much I could live without. It became a game, to see how little I really needed. I’d put things I was considering doing without in one of the spare bedrooms, and when I got to the point where I decided to let it go, I’d either sell the item on Craigslist or the classifieds at my work, or I’d donate it. A few items that I thought friends or family would like I passed along to them. I started my extreme downsizing project around 2011 or 2012, and by the end of summer 2013, what I had left easily fit in my car. That fall I sold my house, found a furnished room to rent four miles from my workplace, and moved myself and all my belongings in one compact car trip. It was one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had.

First off, having a 12 minute commute compared to a 40 to 50 minute commute was amazing! I gained back all that time, gas money, and lost the stress of being stuck in traffic. Not having a house and maintenance and upkeep chores frees up a lot of time and money. The last thing you want to do after a long workday is to come home and do more work, unless you’re into that sort of thing. Some people are, but I’m not one of them. I want my free time to be mine, to do what I want, whether it’s hanging out with friends and family, reading a book, meditating, going to a coffee shop, or doing nothing. I did lose some privacy by renting a room, but I also gained friendships and freedom. For me, it was worth the tradeoff. Plus I had been so isolated where I was living previously that it wasn’t good for my mental health. I found that while I definitely need quiet alone time, I also need human interaction, and renting a room and having roommates gives me that balance I need.

In January 2018 I moved another mile closer to work, only three miles away. Again, everything fit into my car, and I had even less than I did when I moved in 2013. My commute was down to seven minutes. During this time, since at least 2011, I was also very focused on saving as much money as I possibly could so I could retire or semi-retire early. With every raise and every money-saving hack I found, I set that money aside into either a retirement or investment account by having it automatically deducted each time I received a paycheck. For those of you considering doing this, I recommend first having a healthy emergency fund in place as well as drawing up a budget to use as a guide for how you intend to spend your money.

Then this past December I moved to Syracuse, NY. I loaded the back seat of my car on a Thursday evening and drove to Syracuse the following day. I’m originally from upstate NY and had been planning for many years to eventually move back, though I hadn’t thought it would happen quite so soon. I had planned to stay at my job at least another couple years to save more money, but then a series of events occurred that led me to shorten my timeline. So now I consider myself semi-retired because I want to work part-time, though I have enough saved to sustain a frugal existence without a job. And somehow after moving and getting my new bedroom organized, I managed to find enough unwanted things to donate a kitchen-size trash bag of items.

So why do I live this way? A big motivator was to save money so I could choose to not work or only work jobs I’m truly passionate about. Having fewer things gives me the flexibility and independence to easily move and not have to stress over logistics like hiring movers, renting trucks, or finding friends to help me move my stuff. I have much less stress in my life these days, not having to worry about keeping track of things and taking the time to maintain multiple items. Cleaning is super easy, and the less stuff there is the less there is to think and worry about. You may think that the stuff you have stashed away in a closet isn’t bugging you, but on some level you know it’s there and that you’ll have to do something with it someday, and that’s a background irritation you don’t need to have nagging at your psyche.

Is my life perfect because I live this way? No, but it is much more carefree and inexpensive than it used to be, and I wish I had started living this way sooner. I continue to look for ways to keep my life simple, minimal, and frugal so that I have the time and money for what I enjoy most in life.

Someday, my next major minimalist hack will be to live someplace where I won’t need a car. I would love to be able to walk most everywhere I need to go and use ride-sharing or public transportation for the rest. Cars are such a money pit, and one of my least favorite things in the world is having to get my car serviced, sitting hostage in the mechanic’s waiting room or otherwise finding alternate transportation in the meantime. Getting rid of my car isn’t a practical thing to do in my current circumstances and location, but I’ll get there eventually.

I love talking about minimalism, simple living, frugality, and finances, so if you have any questions please leave me a comment. If you’d like more inspiration, check out the Resources tab above where you can find links to some of my favorite books and websites. Thanks for visiting!

February 2019 General Tarot Reading

Hi Everyone, welcome back. If this is your first time visiting, thank you and welcome! This is a general reading for February 2019. I pulled three tarot cards for the month: the Nine of Water, the Queen of Air, and the Nine of Air. It’s interesting, we have two nines on either side of the Queen of Air, and these nines each represent quite different things. The first nine can be seen as extremely positive while the second one is more of an exhausted energy. But they both show up together for a reason.

So first we’ll talk about the Nine of Water. This is a happy, positive energy. If you’ve been feeling stress over anything, you’ll see those concerns fade away. This is a time of joy, of happiness, of wishes being fulfilled. With the Nine of Air coming up as well, this is cautioning you to not get caught up in negative thoughts. You know when you start to think how something could go wrong, and that leads to another negative thought, and then another, and before you know it you’ve spent several minutes on this crazy train of thinking that serves no purpose other than to upset you. Sometimes when everything is going well you wonder when that bad thing is going to happen to ruin it all, because you know it can’t last forever. The Nine of Air is letting you know you may start to think along these lines because things will be going so well for you, but don’t do that. Yes, nothing is permanent and things are always changing, always in flux, but the negative thinking won’t help, it will only hinder you and make you unnecessarily miserable. Enjoy this time, enjoy the happy emotions you’re feeling, and that positivity will attract even more good things into your life.

So now back to the center card, the Queen of Air. This represents objective decision making and clearing away what no longer serves you. The card shows a very discerning, wise woman, who is focused and knows what she wants. This is an energy that cuts away anything that is cluttering up your world - physical, emotional, and especially mental. You will be very clear thinking this month and be able to dismiss and cast away anything that isn’t useful to you. If you use this time wisely you’ll make great strides towards your ideal life. Question everything - your possessions, how you spend your time, who you spend your time with - and only keep what serves you and brings you joy. This makes me think of Marie Kondo; some of you may be familiar with her and her popular book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her guiding principle is if a thing isn’t useful or doesn’t bring you joy, you thank it and let it go from your life. This is an empowering energy, so make the most of it!

To sum everything up, the central focus this month will be a strong discerning and focused energy that will help you to make decisions quickly and easily based upon how you ideally would like to live your life. This will bring you great joy and happiness, and you may even already be feeling very happy, and that’s what helps lead you to realize what you truly want. Maintain that focus and don’t get sidetracked by negative thinking - it’ll only distract and exhaust you. You want your energy to remain positive and bright, as that will attract more of the same. And it feels so much better to be clear-headed than in a fog of uncertainty. Be that Queen of Air and go after what you want!

I hope you enjoyed this reading. If you’d like more information about me or a personalized reading, my information is in the tabs above. Thanks so much for visiting, and have a great month!