February 2019 General Tarot Reading

Hi Everyone, welcome back. If this is your first time visiting, thank you and welcome! This is a general reading for February 2019. I pulled three tarot cards for the month: the Nine of Water, the Queen of Air, and the Nine of Air. It’s interesting, we have two nines on either side of the Queen of Air, and these nines each represent quite different things. The first nine can be seen as extremely positive while the second one is more of an exhausted energy. But they both show up together for a reason.

So first we’ll talk about the Nine of Water. This is a happy, positive energy. If you’ve been feeling stress over anything, you’ll see those concerns fade away. This is a time of joy, of happiness, of wishes being fulfilled. With the Nine of Air coming up as well, this is cautioning you to not get caught up in negative thoughts. You know when you start to think how something could go wrong, and that leads to another negative thought, and then another, and before you know it you’ve spent several minutes on this crazy train of thinking that serves no purpose other than to upset you. Sometimes when everything is going well you wonder when that bad thing is going to happen to ruin it all, because you know it can’t last forever. The Nine of Air is letting you know you may start to think along these lines because things will be going so well for you, but don’t do that. Yes, nothing is permanent and things are always changing, always in flux, but the negative thinking won’t help, it will only hinder you and make you unnecessarily miserable. Enjoy this time, enjoy the happy emotions you’re feeling, and that positivity will attract even more good things into your life.

So now back to the center card, the Queen of Air. This represents objective decision making and clearing away what no longer serves you. The card shows a very discerning, wise woman, who is focused and knows what she wants. This is an energy that cuts away anything that is cluttering up your world - physical, emotional, and especially mental. You will be very clear thinking this month and be able to dismiss and cast away anything that isn’t useful to you. If you use this time wisely you’ll make great strides towards your ideal life. Question everything - your possessions, how you spend your time, who you spend your time with - and only keep what serves you and brings you joy. This makes me think of Marie Kondo; some of you may be familiar with her and her popular book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her guiding principle is if a thing isn’t useful or doesn’t bring you joy, you thank it and let it go from your life. This is an empowering energy, so make the most of it!

To sum everything up, the central focus this month will be a strong discerning and focused energy that will help you to make decisions quickly and easily based upon how you ideally would like to live your life. This will bring you great joy and happiness, and you may even already be feeling very happy, and that’s what helps lead you to realize what you truly want. Maintain that focus and don’t get sidetracked by negative thinking - it’ll only distract and exhaust you. You want your energy to remain positive and bright, as that will attract more of the same. And it feels so much better to be clear-headed than in a fog of uncertainty. Be that Queen of Air and go after what you want!

I hope you enjoyed this reading. If you’d like more information about me or a personalized reading, my information is in the tabs above. Thanks so much for visiting, and have a great month!

January 2019 General Tarot Reading

Hi Everyone, just in time for January I’m back with a general tarot reading for the first month of 2019. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and were able to spend time with those closest to you. I’m posting this reading a bit later than I’d planned because I’ve had some pretty major changes in my life the past month. I left my employer of over 19 years, moved out of state, and am starting a new life. It’s been exciting and scary, but it was time for a new start. I feel strongly that many of us will be going through major changes in the next year, which in one respect can feel very unsettling, but these changes will lead to growth, new opportunities, and overall improvements in our life if we are willing to accept this new energy.

I already shuffled the deck and pulled four tarot cards for this month. The first three are all major arcana cards, which signifies big, attention-grabbing situations, and the fourth card, which represents the overall energy for this month, is from the minor arcana.
The first card is The Emperor. The Emperor is a very stoic, practical figure and asks us to be down to earth and practical in our day to day life. Pay attention to the details, and if you’re creating something new make sure the foundation is firm and stable. This isn’t a time for pie in the sky thinking - we need to be organized and structured if we want to accomplish our goals. Being practical also helps us to clear away the unnecessary and ultimately gives us more time and freedom to enjoy life. The Emperor isn’t trying to be a stern taskmaster, he wants us to recognize what’s truly important and focus on those things rather than the distractions.

The second card is The Lovers. For some of you, this could represent a romantic or other close relationship in your life. I only sense this applying for about 20% of you. This intimate relationship will come to the forefront in a positive way. Some of you may be getting engaged or forming a closer bond with your loved one. But for the majority of us, this card is representing a crossroads and having to make a choice, a major choice. Take your time and carefully consider your options before making a final decision. This isn’t the time to be impulsive. You will be making a big decision that will significantly impact your future. Take as much quiet time as you need so you can hear your intuition and how it’s guiding you.

The third card is Balance. It’s important to maintain balance this month, and if we’re following the Emperor’s advice this should be easy to do. Be grounded and don’t overdo anything. Avoid extremes and be moderate in all you do. If you’re making a big decision this month, timing will be important. Wait for the right time and don’t rush things.

The fourth card which represents the overall energy this month is the Six of Earth. Finances will be healthy this month, which is great since many of us tend to overspend during the holidays. You may be paying off credit card debt or receiving a gift of money or time. If we follow the advice of The Emperor and Balance cards, finances will be stable and positive. Some of you may receive new career opportunities this month, and perhaps that’s the big decision you’re trying to make. Weigh your options carefully and you’ll be sure to make the right decision for you.

To recap, this month is about being grounded, practical, and balanced in all you do. If you have a big decision to make, take your time and weigh the pros and cons before proceeding. Finances will be healthy and balanced if you remain practical and disciplined.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’d like a personalized reading or have specific questions you’d like answered, you can view my services in the tabs at the top of the page. I’m available for phone, video chat, and email readings. Have a very Happy New Year, and I’ll talk with you soon!

2019 Yearly Tarot Forecast

Hi everyone, it’s Michelle with your 2019 yearly tarot forecast. What I noticed right off the bat after I laid out all the cards is that the year starts and ends with cards that talk about standing up for yourself, so that will be an important theme this year. Also, almost half the cards are from the major arcana, which means this will be a significant year for us, with lots of big things happening. So let’s start at the beginning.

In January we start off with the Seven of Fire. You’ll be feeling confident and passionate, and this will allow you to stand up for yourself, whatever the situation may be. On the card a lady sits on a brightly colored dragon, and despite the arrows heading their way, they are stronger and hold the higher ground. Do not be swayed by others at this time. You know what you want and have a clear direction - proceed forward with confidence and leave the naysayers behind. You know what you’re doing.

For February we have The Dreamer. This is The Fool card in the traditional tarot and it represents a major new start or beginning. This may require you to take a chance, but it’ll be a hopeful and positive start to something exciting. This card encourages you to follow your dreams and imagine what life could be like if you do something different or take a new path. This could relate to a job, retirement, new relationship, starting school, however it may apply to you. If an unexpected opportunity comes up that’s aligned with what you want, go for it! This will be an exciting month.

The theme of new beginnings and excitement continues into March with the Page of Fire. The Page of Fire is new, youthful, and passionate energy, which represents the early stages of a new project, relationship, or endeavour. Be yourself and showcase your personal skills - this is what will help you succeed! You have what it takes, so let your light shine through and just be you.

In April we have the Knight of Earth. The spring-like setting on this card is perfectly timed with April. This is a very grounded energy and asks you to focus on the tasks at hand. If you’ve made a promise or commitment, make sure to follow through. This isn’t a time for procrastination. Do what needs to be done, get your outer life sorted and organized, and you will reap the benefits of a calm mind and surroundings. This is the perfect time for spring cleaning your house, your desk, your finances, and your life.

In May we have the Eight of Water. This card appeared in the December 2018 reading, so whatever was occuring back in December may be continuing now. You may be feeling a bit restless at this time. I feel like that will apply for some of you, but for others this is a time of spiritual and emotional growth. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your emotions - that’s when it’s easy to make errors in judgement. Allow your feelings to exist, be okay with them, and they will move along in good time. For those of you who’ve been working on your spiritual life, this is a time where you’ll start to receive some breakthroughs and lightbulb moments. You’ll feel like you’re beginning to reach a new level of consciousness.

For June we have the King of Water. If you do the work necessary in May, in June you’ll be rewarded with a feeling of mastery of your emotions. You’ll feel loving and generous and be open to giving towards others. This confidence will make you a great friend, partner, and coworker. Others will be drawn to your warmth and compassion, and this is a great time to look for love for those of you who are single and looking for a partner.

In July we have the Six of Earth. This is a time of good news related to your finances or other material matters. You may receive a job offer, money, a gift, or loan. There will be a positive influx of material wealth. You may also receive this in the form of time given to you by someone else. The scales on the card show a balancing of coins, and you’ll feel like things are going just right. Life is good.

For August we have The Emperor. This is a person who is strong, in control, and very traditional. They expect things to be structured and organized. Discipline will be required this month. This card can represent you or another person in your life. You may be the one leading others and expecting things to be done a certain way, or someone else may be expecting this of you. Or you may need to do this for yourself by taking charge of your life and moving forward in a logical way. Discipline is key this month.

In September we have The Hermit. The Hermit can be a very scholarly type, which coincides with September and the beginning of the school year for many. But a lot of this study and learning will be done alone. The best discoveries are often made when we get quiet and allow inspiration to strike us. Take time for yourself to meditate, research, and discover what it is you want and stand for. You’ll be glad you did.

October’s card is Release. This is the equivalent of the Death card in traditional tarot, and in October there will be an ending, profound change, or a letting go of attachments. Just as the trees are releasing their leaves this month, we will also be letting something go. This is not to be feared, though it may feel challenging during the process. The trees don’t lose their leaves forever, just for a season, and then new ones, albeit different leaves, return. This is a natural and necessary process needed to renew yourself and your life. The loss may be sad or it may be a welcome change, but either way life will be better on the other side. The more willing you are to release what’s needed, the easier the transition will be.
In November we have the Two of Water. This card represents a positive partnership with mutual love and respect. You will be growing closer to someone in your life as trust increases. This can apply to any relationship, whether romantic, a friendship, family, or at work. It can also be a time of reconciliation. This is good news for those who will be spending time with family during the holidays, especially if there’s a tendency for conflict.

To end the year in December is the Justice card. There will be a fair and equitable conclusion to something. This matter will be of some significance, either legal, in the workplace, a major disagreement being resolved or some other situation. Be confident in your beliefs and all will be well. This is also a time for balance - a balanced diet, balanced spending, and a balancing of self-care with other commitments. Don’t overdo anything, and this will be a happy and satisfying end to 2019.

It looks like we have an exciting year to look forward to! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you found something helpful in this reading. Have a very happy 2019 everyone, and I’ll talk with you soon.

General Tarot & Oracle Reading for December 2018

Hi, it’s Michelle with a general reading for December 2018. Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? I hope you’re doing well and are looking forward to a festive holiday season. Let’s see what’s in store for us to finish up the year.

The first card I pulled is the Eight of Water. This is a card about the emotions, and at the beginning of the month you’ll be feeling ready to leave a situation behind or start something new. Ten is the number of completion, so eight is getting close to something being wrapped up that isn’t quite there yet, but it will be soon. Give it a little more time. This isn’t negative by any means, you’re just feeling anxious to move on to the next step, whatever that is for you. It could be related to a job, home, relationship: however this applies to you. The outcome will be spiritual and/or emotional growth - you’ll have matured and feel more capable and confident in yourself and your well-being.

The next card is the Nine of Air. Around mid-month you may be feeling tired, and if you participate in any of the holiday celebrations that occur around this time of year that’s how most people feel while trying to balance all their usual obligations along with party invites, shopping, and cooking. Be careful not to overschedule yourself or overdo anything, such as eating too much, spending too much money, or staying up too late. The middle of the month calls for balance and remembering to take care of your health, so get plenty of sleep and take time to check in with yourself and just relax so you have the energy to fully enjoy this time of year.

The third card is The Magician. What a great way to end the year and usher in the new one! There are big changes on the horizon for 2019, and they’ll start to emerge and become visible as early as the end of December. The Magician represents things that seem to manifest almost magically - he raises his wand, focuses on what he wants, and it appears. This is the perfect time for making wishes, deciding what you truly want, and planning your new year’s resolutions if that’s your thing. Write down what you want and reread it regularly to remind yourself what it is you want to create in your world.

The final card is from the Angel Answers Oracle deck and it’s called Ask For Help From Others. If you need a little extra assistance during the month, ask a family member, friend, or coworker if they can help you out, and offer to reciprocate with them in return. Sometimes it can be hard to do everything on our own, or we don’t have the expertise or knowledge needed to do something, and that’s when it helps to ask someone who has that ability to give us a hand. This doesn’t mean always taking from others but rather sharing our skills to benefit all of us as a whole. Don’t be afraid to ask a favor, and be willing to help in return.

It’s looks like a great end to 2018, especially with The Magician’s magical presence in our lives. I’ll be posting a 2019 Yearly Forecast before the end of the year so you can get an idea of what’s coming up and what we have to look forward to! Have a great holiday season, and I’ll talk with you soon.

The Cards I Use

Hi Guys! I wanted to tell you about the tarot cards I use and how they’re similar and different from traditional tarot cards. A few of you have had questions about this so I thought this might make it easier to understand. The main deck I use is called Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I received them when I took a Certified Angel Card Reader course a few years back from the authors. At the time I was familiar with tarot cards but hadn’t really studied them, and this course got me enthusiastic about card reading. The Angel Tarot Cards have the same number of cards as a traditional tarot deck, though some of the wording is changed. For example, in the minor arcana the term wands is replaced with fire, since these cards represent things we’re passionate about; cups = water, because these cards are about our emotions and feelings; swords = air, which stand for our thoughts and mental things; and pentacles = earth, which are the things in our material world. In the major arcana several cards have been renamed: The Fool is called The Dreamer; The Hierophant is Unity; The Wheel of Fortune is simply The Wheel; The Hanged Man is called Awakening; Death is renamed Release; Temperance is Balance; The Devil is called Ego; The Tower is renamed Life Experience; and Judgment is called Renewal. The reason for these changes, according to the authors, is to make this tarot deck less scary and easier to understand the true representation of the cards underneath what can be intimidating wording. Like many other tarot decks, this one has its own unique artwork to represent each card. Unlike many decks, each card includes some short phrases that summarize possible meanings of the card. For me this deck has a very uplifting and empowering feel to it, so even if you’re dealing with a tricky or uncomfortable situation, it helps direct you towards positive ways of handling it.

I sometimes use a card from one of my angel oracle decks to supplement the tarot card reading. Oracle card decks have much fewer cards than the 78 in a tarot deck, and oracle cards usually have a theme, which can range from health, love, life purpose, etcetera. I select an oracle deck based on my intuition, and the right card has a way of presenting itself to help shed some extra insight into the tarot cards I’ve drawn. You can do a reading using only one deck, and even just one card, depending on how much information you’re looking for.

There is even a way of doing readings using plain old playing cards, like the kind you would use to play poker, solitaire, or other card games. I don’t use this method only because I haven’t learned it, but I know some readers who read this way.

So that’s a brief overview of the cards I most commonly use when doing a reading. If you have any questions I haven’t answered, feel free to email me, and I’ll respond back. Thanks and take care.